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We LOVE to travel. We love it so much that when our children were born we decided that we would share our passion for travel with them. And we also want to share it with you. The goal of our family travel blog isn’t just to share our love of travel with you, but it’s also to help give other families the tools they need to get out and explore the world themselves.

We are Christina and Kevin Wagar. We are travel-loving parents who live just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada with our two boys. We began our family travel blog back in 2015. We were out of the country on so many adventures with our young children and our family and friends were always wondering where we were and what we were up to. We began Wandering Wagars as a way to share our stories and photos with friends from around the world and our own backyard. But we weren’t prepared for what happened next!

Our website exploded with views and interest from parents around the world looking for inspiration and advice on how to travel with children. So our focus has shifted. We still share our amazing adventures while we travel with kids. But we also include tips and tricks, our favorite products for family travel, and all the best places we have stayed along the way. Our hope is that other parents will find the information that they need to use the world as their own backyard.

A Little More About Us

Wandering Wagars has been excited to build ongoing partnerships with many brands including American Express, Expedia, Freeloader, BlackLane, and many more. We combine social media marketing, featured content, reviews, and activities to create inspiring content that cuts straight to the heart of what our readers care about most.

About Us Family travel expert Kevin Wagar in Machu Picchu PeruKevin Wagar – Family Travel Writer and Travel Photographer

Kevin Wagar is professional travel writer and photographer. Kevin can usually be found working long hours on the Wandering Wagars website, sharing information with fellow travel experts, or doing media and press work for clients. Kevin is constantly searching out new and exciting experiences. He loves hiking, snowboarding, and trying anything new. Kevin’s work has been featured by the Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, Matador Network and more. He loves nothing more than connecting with people and getting others to push their comfort zones.

About us Family travel expert Christina Wagar in the Huacachina Desert of Peru

Christina Wagar – Family Travel Writer and Trip Planner

Christina Wagar grew up in a travel-loving family. She strives to instill her love of learning about different cultures and introducing new and old destinations to her children. Christina is well versed in travel planning and spends much of her free time organizing new family adventures. She enjoys researching and learning about the country they are about to visit in order to ensure the experience will be educational and fun for the entire family.

About Us Child traveler C Wagar harvesting limes in Machu Picchu PeruC Wagar – Child Adventurer and Note Taker

C is eight years old and loves adventure. He is addicted to learning. When we have a local guide he is always on their heels soaking in as much as he can. C began his life of travel at the age of 3 months with a road trip to New York City. He has traveled to 20 countries on 4 continents so far. His favorite destination has been visiting Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo, Argentina.

About Us child traveler D Wagar sandboarding in Huacachina PeruD Wagar – Extreme Athlete and Adventure Seeker

D is six years old and began his life of travel at the age of 1 with a trip to sunny California. D is a human tornado and can usually be found trying to do something incredibly dangerous. He has traveled to 15 countries on 4 continents and is at his happiest any place where he can get his adrenaline going. When D isn’t jumping or running (and sometimes when he is) he’s usually eating.

About This Family Travel Blog

We started our family travel blog in 2015 during our travels in Jordan with kids. Christina and I were always adventure seekers and have always worked on the idea of experiences before things. We wanted to share that lifestyle with our children and have been balancing work life, parenthood, and travel for the past 7 years to make it happen. Our family travel lifestyle has led to amazing opportunities such as speaking and inspiring others, being able share our experiences and lessons learned in forums, and being called on as family travel experts by media and businesses.

Our belief is that travel is a form of world schooling. We use travel to help teach our children to be global citizens. Every trip is an opportunity to educate our children through adventure, culture, and unique experiences. We try to include three pillars in every one of our family travel experiences, Advenuture, Education, and Culture. And if we have done all that and had an incredible time, then we know our trip has been a success!

And as parents, we know all too well that there are only so many years of family travel before our kids grow up. And we want to fill those 18 years with as many memorable experiences as possible.

A mixed race family smiles while taking a photo above the Monastery in Petra Jordan. The Monastery is a must if you are looking for what to see in Petra with kids

About Our Family Travel Blog

We started our blog about family travel in order to share our journey with others. But as time has gone by we’ve been asked so many incredible questions by our thousands of readers that we’ve changed our focus to help parent’s get the resources they need to travel the world with kids. We’ve written articles and shared stories about our struggles, but we try to keep the focus on inspiration.

Family travel can be challenging, but in the end it’s always the amazing memories that we make that keep us going. Whether you’re traveling with babies, toddlers, young children or teens, family travel should be about creating positive memories, expanding our views of the world, and helping to make the world around us a better place.

We love adventure and the outdoors. Almost every travel experience we undertake has lots of nature, loads of animal experiences, and ensures that we are surrounded by some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. We don’t shy away from museums and theme parks, but we find that getting out and exploring cities, nature, and unique cultural experiences are where the real value in travel lies.

We love to hit beaches and resorts to unwind, from time to time. And Christina and I LOVE a good wine tour (The kids love tagging along too if they also offer sparkling juice), but our focus is always on getting out and exploring the destinations to learn about the people, the culture, the environment, and the food.

About Us Wandering Wagars In Vesteralen Norway

About Making Travel Fun

If there’s one thing that we have learned after seven years of family travel it’s that if you don’t make it fun, you might as well not go. Just like everything in life from sports to school to work, part of making travel enjoyable is making it fun. And fun doesn’t have to just be theme parks and all-inclusive resorts. Fun is everywhere. It’s running around fields full of butterflies, making chocolate from scratch in Peru, and swimming under waterfalls.

Fun always starts with Mom and Dad. By sharing our passions with our kids, we give them the chance to share their passions with us. And we’ve started integrating those passions into our family travel experiences. Our trip to Argentina was planned because C is OBSESSED with penguins. Wherever he goes his penguin stuffy Meep Meep (named after the sound of the claymation show Pingu) is right there along with him. So when we discovered that the largest continental colony of penguins was located in Punta Tombo, Argentina, we started packing.

A young boy smiles and crouches next to a penguin while holding a toy penguin in Punta tombo Argentina

D on the other hand loves to get dirty. Any chance he has to jump off of something (usually head first) is his game. So every chance we have to get active, whether it’s sandboarding in Huacachina Peru or skiing in Quebec, Canada, D is always looking to burn off his copious amounts of energy. But D, like his older brother, is also obsessed with animals. Unlike C however, D’s tastes tend to stray towards lions, tigers, and bears. We are working now on travels to Namibia, Sri Lanka, and Kenya to help him satisfy his passion for these amazing creatures.

D was the youngest person to zipline at the amazing Ugong Rock Adventure Center in El Nido, Philippines, and he still talks about “feeling like Superman” flying through the air for hundreds of meters.

child ziplilning at Ugong Rpcl in Puerto Princesa Philippines

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