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If you’re looking for expert family travel tips from people who have been there, here are our tips for how to travel with kids

Sea shells compass and magnifying glasses lay on a burlap rug

Family travel can be overwhelming. I remember well when we took our first international family vacation to Portugal. Our son was four months old, and we packed everything, including the kitchen sink.

The trip to Portugal was incredible (you can read about it here), but it could have been so much better if we had a little more experience under our belt. We would have booked different hotels, planned different routes, and spent more time exploring and seeing the incredible attractions.

Twelve years and 23 countries worth of family travel later, we have experienced nearly every failure and disaster. We’ve gotten lost, dodged hurricanes, been caught in epic floods, and even almost got stranded in Egypt at the beginning of the pandemic.

But along the way, we’ve also had some of the most unimaginable family adventures. And this family travel blog is all about sharing that experience with you to help you and your family have a safe, healthy, and inspiring experience with every family vacation.

Read on to find our resources and tips for family travel. From how to book, to how to plan your trips, even how to help your little ones nap properly during your travels.

Family Travel Tips

Our family travel tips come from years of experience. Our family has taken on every travel challenge that the world has thrown at us. We’ve not only survived, but we’ve thrived.

These tips for family travel will cover everything from how to plan your first family flight, to what to pack, we even cover how to keep everyone healthy once you’ve arrived.

How To Travel With A Baby

Traveling and flying with a baby can be one of the most intimidating experiences for any parent. The stress of understanding how to navigate an airport, whether strollers can be checked in, and whether or not to pack a car seat for the destination are just a few of the thousands of things that pass through most parent’s heads.

We’ve laid out some of our most important and useful tips for traveling with a baby right here.

Family Travel Gear

Having the right tools can help make anything easier. Family travel is no different. Here are some of the best tools to help you make the most out of your family travel experience.

Awesome Family Travel Activities

Family travel isn’t just about the destination. The journey and the experiences there and on the way are often what make up the best travel memories.

Whether you’re planning a family road trip, a family ski vacation, or a family camping experience, we have laid out tips for all of your most epic adventures.

Don’t see something you’re interested in? Contact us, you may have just told us our next article idea!

The Tools We Use For Family Travel: Booking Flights, Cars, Hotels, and More!

Every avid traveler has their own favorite resources. The booking sites, credit cards, and hotel platforms that make their lives easier. Here are the ones that we use most often when planning and booking our family travel experiences.

Staying Connected While Traveling

Access to phone and internet while traveling becomes more and more important each and every year. In the past, travelers relied on physical sims that they would need to swap between countries. However, in recent years, eSims have made the process much easier.

I have always used Airalo as my eSim of choice. It’s a tool that I’ve used in over 12 countries with no issues whatsoever. Just make sure that your phone is capable of using an eSim before you register.

Airalo eSim logo

Booking the Best Accommodations for Families

Having a great place to rest your head can make the difference between a relaxing vacation and a travel nightmare. We use the following tools to book our hotel stays when traveling locally and abroad. button
We find that offers some of the best rates for family hotel stays.
We prefer VRBO as a resource for booking homestays and rentals
We find that offers competitive rates to Booking

Getting Flight Deals For Families

They say that half the fun is getting there. But booking flights shouldn’t be stressfull. Here are our favourite resources for finding the best deals on flights around the world.

Skyscanner logo
SkyScanner offers an excellent tool for planning flight purchases based on demand algorithms.
Google Flights Logo
Google Flights is a great reference for narrowing down what flights to different regions are going for.
Expedia Button
Expedia handles flights as well as they do hotels. And with great incentives and travel rewards.

Getting the Best Family Car Rentals

Having a great place to rest your head can make the difference between a relaxing vacation and a travel nightmare. We use the following tools to book our hotel stays when traveling locally and abroad. button is fantastic at scouring for amazing deals. They have an intuitive interface that allows you to cross-reference the top rental agencies.on car rentals.
Expedia Button
The Expedia points system is a great reason to this site for car rentals. Anything that will help us get great deals on travel is something that gets us excited.
Skyscanner logo
Skyscanner is also great for booking car rentals. Their no-middleman strategy often makes for better upgrade potential when booking directly with rental agencies.

Family-Friendly Local Tours

We love getting out and experiencing local travel on our own. But sometimes hiring a tour guide or joining a local tour is one of the easiest and most economical ways to experience family travel. These are the companies that we trust to deliver tours, and you’ll often find links to specific tour suggestions from these businesses throughout our website.

Tours by Locals logo
Tours by locals offers amazing, detailed, and attention-focused local tours run by world-class experts. If you truly want to dive into the heart of a destination, I highly recommend this company.
Viator logo
We’ve used Viator for hot air balloon tours in Egypt and countless local tours in Europe, Africa, and North America. Many options are available, so double-check the reputation of the tour.
Get Your Guide Logo
Get Your Guide is another excellent local tour aggregator where you can book and rate tours based on experience. Look for highly-rated tours with lots of reviews to find the best ones.

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