Our Family Travel To Finland Guide

Travel To Finland With Kids To Experience Some Of The Most Beautiful Countries In Northern Europe

A Family Travel Guide To Finland

Travel to Finland offers a spectacular package steeped with culture, natural beauty, and adventure. Helsinki, in the south of Finland has gorgeous cities that rival the beauty of many European capitals. While the north of Finland is steeped in Lappish culture, Christmas traditions, and unique traditions.

Finland is sandwiched between Sweden on the west and Russia on the west. In the north, it wears Lappish Norway as a hat. Much of the tourism in Finland is focused on its popular northern region such as Rovaniemi. These areas are at, or above the Arctic Circle and experience long winters that include Polar Night and intense summers that feature the Midnight Sun.

Traveling to Finland with kids offers the chance to experience Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami. And experience one of the most beautiful countries in Scandinavia.

Explore the Best of Finland with Kids!

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What you need to know about family travel in Finland

Considering it’s location amidst countries such as Norway and Sweden, Finland is one of the most budget-friendly countries for in Scandinavia. But don’t expect it to be cheap. Finland has a fantastic public transit system. And most regions include attraction cards that will help you save money while traveling in Finland. Here are a few things to know from our travel Finland Guide to help you get started on your family vacation to Finland.

  • Currency in Finland
    • Finland uses the European Euro. The average value is approximately $1.14 USD. You can check the current exchange rate here.
  • Capital
    • The Capital of Finland is Helsinki. This city is home to nearly 650,000 people. It is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Europe and has one several design awards for its architecture. Helsinki, Finland is considered to be one of the most “liveable” cities in the world.
  • Electricity
    • Finland uses F type Europlug sockets. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. This socket works with the type C and D sockets found in most of Europe.
  • Cellular Phone Service
    • Cell phone service is readily available in the vast majority of Finland. The main carriers are DNA, Elisa, and Sonera.
  • Roads, Driving and Public Transit
    • Roads and highways in Finland are well-maintained. During the winter much of northern Finland requires the use of snow tires due to snow and ice buildup. Storms can cause closure of certain highways, especially in the north during winter.
  • Finland with Kids
    • We highly recommend family travel in Finland. There are many amazing things to experience. And the people of Finland are very warm and inviting, especially towards children and families.