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Africa Family Travel Blog

Our Africa family travel blog gives you the tools you need to discover the rich history, fascinating cultures, and unforgettable experiences of the continent

Africa family travel blog

Discover Adventure With Our Africa Guide For Families

Africa is a massive continent. In fact, few people realize this, but Africa ranks just behind Asia in terms of the largest continents on Earth. The thought of family travel to Africa can be wild, overwhelming, and exciting all at the same time. Few places on earth cover such a vast array of countries and experiences. From wildlife safaris in Kenya, epic road trips in Namibia, and the world’s last remaining ancient wonders of the world in Egypt, Africa is brimming with adventure.

Travel in Africa can run the gamut from exploring 11th-century medinas in Morocco to coming face to face with a pride of lions in South Africa. To help you plan, our Africa family travel blog follows our family travel adventures through countries such as Egypt and Morocco. But we are constantly on the go and will be adding more incredible African travel destinations for families as we visit them.

Africa travel for families is increasing in popularity year after year. Often considered the prime place for family-friendly wildlife adventures, Africa also offers magical cultural experiences, epic hikes, and some of the friendliest people in the world.

Lace up your boots and get ready to explore because Africa is filled with natural and cultural treasures to explore.

Pyramids of Giza with Kids
Travel Egypt

From the towering pyramids of Giza to the epic adventures of the Western Desert, Egypt is one of the world’s most coveted travel destinations.

Best places to visit in Morocco
Travel Morocco

Morocco is a favorite among family travelers, with mesmerizing architecture, friendly locals, and some of the most mouthwatering food in the world.

What Is It Like Traveling In Africa With Kids?

Wandering Wagars in Siwa Egypt
Visiting Siwa, Egypt

Africa often gets left behind when it comes to popular family travel destinations. destinations for families. In fact, apart from Antarctica and South America, Africa polled well behind North America, Europe, and Asia in terms of planned family travel among members of our Family Travel Support Group on Facebook.

Whether you’re planning on backpacking around the continent or exploring family travel in Africa one country at a time, it’s a region that will fill your soul and introduce you to fascinating cultures, traditions, and experiences.

To get started, I highly recommend that you read through our trip-planning resources. It lays out many of our well-researched family travel hacks.

The African continent is huge. In fact, the continent is large enough to contain the United States, China, India, Japan, Mexico, and many European nations COMBINED. There are currently 54 countries in Africa. These range from the tiny Seychelles, which clocks in at just 280 sq miles (451 sq km), to Libya, which covers a massive 1,093 327 sq. miles (1,759,540 sq km).

We’ve been traveling with kids for 11 years now, and Africa was the fifth continent that we visited as a family. I’m sure that our tips and guides for the countries we have visited will help you plan your family travels on the African continent.

Travel in Africa doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges, but they are more than worth it. Because it’s a continent that will capture your soul and leave a little of itself within you for the rest of your life.

You can explore some of our most popular Africa family travel blog posts below. Or, feel free to head over to our YouTube channel to explore some of our Asia family travel videos.

How To Stay Connected And Get Internet And Phone Service In Africa

Most major cities throughout the African countries have excellent cellular service. If you have an older phone, I highly recommend purchasing a sim either at the airport or as one of your first stops on your travels.

If you have a newer eSim capable phone, you can save yourself time by purchasing an eSim ahead of time and having it activated before you arrive.

There are many companies that offer this service. I have used Airalo for years. It has been seamless in over ten countries. They have World, Regional, and Country-Specific eSims available. The price goes down the more specific you get. The regional sims allow for easy country-hopping if you are visiting multiple destinations.

Airalo eSim logo

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