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Explore beyond the ordinary. Discover the best towns, beaches, and experiences of the province with our Ontario family travel blog

Ontario National Parks

There’s a Lot More To Ontario Than Toronto

Ontario is our home province. And we love to explore Ontario any chance we can get. When we aren’t traveling the world, we are usually saving our pennies by exploring locally. And with so much to see here, it’s hard to know where to start! Ontario is home to Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. Toronto, the country’s largest city. The largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. 5 stunning national parks. And so much more!

Our travel Ontario guide lays out the most amazing destinations for families in Ontario from the southernmost point in Point Pelee to the Northern tips near Hudson Bay.

From the bottom of the province, where Point Pelee dips into Lake Michigan, reaching as far south as Northern California, to the world’s most powerful waterfall. Family travel in Ontario is a treat for both adventure travelers and urban explorers alike.

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Tips For Family Travel in Ontario

Indigenous Longhouse Experience in Ontario
Indigenous Longhouse Experience in Ontario

Ontario is a deceivingly large province. And because much of the western half of the province is bordered by the Great Lakes, it can take over 20 hours just to drive from Niagara Falls to the border of Manitoba. Our Ontario guide covers everything from the best camping in Ontario to the most amazing attractions in the province.

Whether you’re traveling to Ontario in the summer or winter, visiting Toronto, or exploring Ottawa, we have everything you need to know about family travel in Ontario. If you’re new to international family travel, I highly recommend checking out our well-researched trip planning resources. It’s full of proven family travel hacks.

  • Capitals
    • The capital of Ontario is Toronto. Toronto is the 6th largest city in North America and is also considered the most multicultural city in the world! Toronto is beautiful during all seasons and is stock full of museums, art galleries, world-class restaurants, and more. It is also home to great festivals such as the Toronto Christmas Market, the Toronto Lightfest, and much more.
    • Ontario is also home to Canada’s capital, Ottawa. This beautiful city is a treat to explore at any time of the year. It’s especially lively during the long weekend of June 1, Canada Day. And during the exciting Winterlude festival in February.
  • Regions
    • Ontario is a big province. From the southern tip to the entrance to Manitoba requires 24 hours of drive time. Its main regions are Southern Ontario, which includes Windsor, Niagara Falls, and Toronto. Southern Ontario also encompasses the province’s cottage country, including Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes, as well as the Muskoka Region. Eastern Ontario covers the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence River and through the Ottawa Valley. Northern Ontario is the largest section but the least populated region of the country. Extending north from Parry Sound and north to Hudson Bay, Northern Ontario holds some of the province’s most incredible natural beauty.
  • Wine Regions
    • Ontario has three major wine regions: the North Shore of Lake Erie, the Niagara Peninsula, and Prince Edward County on the shores of Lake Ontario. Niagara-on-the-Lake is especially popular due to its scenic beauty, great vintages, and popular ice wine.
  • Ontario with Kids
    • Ontario is a great destination for family travel. The province is filled to the brim with amazing activities. And no matter what season you visit, you will have lots to see. Winter has incredible festivals. Spring offers amazing hikes at some of Ontario’s best provincial parks. Summer is perfect to take in a river cruise in the amazing cottage country. Ontario is also home to the world’s longest freshwater beaches! Or you can take in some of the fun museums. And the fall is perfect for the amazing weather and stunning autumn colors.
  • Cellular
    • Ontario has an excellent cellular system in its major cities. You may find service spotty in the north and more remote regions of the province. I have used the Airalo eSim app for all of my international travel.

How To Stay Connected And Get Internet And Phone Service In Canada

Most major cities throughout North America have excellent cellular service. If you have an older phone, I highly recommend purchasing a sim either at the airport or as one of your first stops on your travels.

If you have a newer eSim capable phone, you can save yourself time by purchasing an eSim ahead of time and having it activated before you arrive.

There are many companies that offer this service. I have used Airalo for years. It has been seamless in over ten countries. They have World, Regional, and Country-Specific eSims available. The price goes down the more specific you get. The regional sims allow for easy country-hopping if you are visiting multiple destinations.

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