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Amazing Things to do in Manitoulin Island in 2023: Experience Canada’s Most Fascinating Island For Yourself

Manitoulin Island is a perfect getaway for those looking to escape the summer crowds. Check out the top things to do in Manitoulin Island.

Things to do on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is a destination that keeps drawing us back. Since we first visited the island as a day trip from Tobermory, we’ve visited Manitoulin at least 10 times. This magical Ontario destination is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. But it’s the sheer number of amazing things to do on Manitoulin Island that keep pulling us back in.

Manitoulin Island is located on Lake Huron in Northern Ontario. Beyond being the largest island in a freshwater lake in the world. It is also home to the largest lake within an island within a lake in the world. AND the largest island within a lake, within an island within a lake in the world! With all of those weird and wonderful world records, discovering what to do in Manitoulin Island has become a mission of our near yearly visits.

So if you’re searching for the best things to do on Manitoulin Island, we have you covered. Here you’ll find some of the most amazing attractions, restaurants, beaches, and hotels on Manitoulin Island. You’re almost guaranteed to find something you’ve never heard of before. So whether you’re taking a day trip from Bruce Peninsula National Park or trekking across from Killarney or Sudbury, here is your guide to Manitoulin Island adventure.

Providence Bay Manitoulin Island from above. Swimming at the beach in Providence Bay is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

How to Get to Manitoulin Island

If you’re thinking of driving from Toronto to Manitoulin Island, you could do it as a day trip, but it would be a long one. It involves a 3-hour drive north to Tobermory, Ontario. Next is a 2-hour ride on the Chi Cheemaun Ferry to get to the southernmost point of Manitoulin Island, South Baymouth. If you’re visiting Manitoulin from central or Southern Ontario, consider making it part of a multiday adventure that will really give you the chance to understand what makes this island such a special place.

You can also access Manitoulin Island via the famous swing bridge through the island’s largest town, Little Current near Sudbury. This is a popular route for those coming from Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, and Thunder Bay. It’s also popular for those who want to avoid the HWY 10 traffic or deal with wait times for the Chi Cheemaun Ferry.

This route to Manitoulin is accessed by following the Trans Canada Highway along 69 to Sudbury and bearing left on 6 and on through to Little Current. If you really want something special, consider this route for the views along HWY 6 between Little Current and Sudbury alone. The Killarney/La Cloche landscape is among the most spectacular south of Thunder Bay. You can check out some of the best things to do in Sudbury, Ontario here.

Travelers wait to board the Chi Cheemaun Ferry in South Baymouth Manitoulin Island. A trip on the Chi Cheemaun Ferry is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Some of the Best Things to do in Manitoulin Island, Ontario

We recommend making your visit a Manitoulin Island long weekend rather than a day trip. There are so many things to do on Manitoulin Island that it’s worth spending some extra time. You can extend your trip to Manitoulin Island even further by taking the time to explore Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park. Manitoulin Island itself can be explored at a casual pace over a couple of days. And it makes an excellent Ontario road trip destination.

Hike the Cup and Saucer Trail for Incredible Views of Manitoulin Island

There are many hiking trails on Manitoulin Island. The most famous hike on Manitoulin Island is the Cup and Saucer Trail. The Cup and Saucer trail has over 12 km of hiking trails and a 2 km adventure trail that involves ladders and rock scrambling. The Cup and Saucer Trail can take as little as 1.5 hours or up to half a day if you plan to explore the whole route.

The hike has some pretty steep climbs but is relatively tame for the most part. But, if you choose to hike the Cup and Saucer Adventure Trail, be prepared, it has a lot of scrambling, some big climbs, and will definitely keep your heart rate up.

The Cup and Saucer views have been marred over the past few years by the development of a large stone quarry at its base. And while the views might not be as untainted as they were, the climb itself and the remaining overlooks over Manitoulin Island still make this one of the top hikes in Ontario.

You can read all about our experience hiking the Cup and Saucer and Adventure Trail here.

The first time we took the trail to the top Cup and Saucer viewpoint and back took us a little over 2 hours while hiking Manitoulin Island with kids. It could have taken much longer if we didn’t have our Great Spirit Circle Trail guide as the Cup and Saucer trails are not always well-marked. At the time of our first visit, D was only 2 years old. So we did not do the Cup and Saucer Adventure Trail. But we did tackle it just before D’s 7th birthday, and a month afterward, we’re still talking about how much fun it was.

Other hiking trails on Manitoulin Island include:

  • Bebamikawe Memorial Trail at Beach Rd in Wikwemikong
  • Lewis Twins Peak Hiking Trail, a 1.4 k loop off HWY 6 near Shequiandah.
  • M’Chigeeng Aboriginal Trail off Highway 551, just south of Highway 540. This trail was recently doubled in length and features the Bear Caves and Fossil Rock Point.
  • Misery Bay Provincial Park features a number of picturesque trails. I recommend setting aside 2-4 hours for exploring the park.

Join North Channel Tours For Some Sightseeing out of Little Current

The North Channel offers up some of the most inspiring views on Manitoulin Island. The smooth red rock dotted with windswept white pine is a treat to behold. And there is no better way to enjoy these views than with a cruise out of Little Current with North Channel Cruises.

North Channel Cruises is a small, family-owned business that offers lunch, dinner, and sunset cruises to some of the most spectacular spots on the east side of Manitoulin. Our last visit to the island had us tour up to the Benjamin Islands for some light hiking and swimming, and it was amazing!

Even though the day started with some heavy rain and an ominous forecast, the views from the cruise and the clear skies when we stopped to explore made for one of the most memorable days on our recent Northern Ontario road trip. You can even join one of their cruises to the lovely town of Killarney. If you’d like to check out their cruise schedule, you can find that here.

North Channel Cruise Tour of Manitoulin Island
North Channel Cruise Tour of Manitoulin Island

Discover All The Lighthouses on Manitoulin Island

A lighthouse tour of Manitoulin Island starts while on the Chi Cheemaun ferry ride from mainland Tobermory to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island. After a 30-minute ride, it is possible to spot the tall, century-old Cove Island Lighthouse. There are 10 lighthouses on Manitoulin Island. One of the Manitoulin Island lighthouses that are most easily accessed lighthouse is Janet Head Lighthouse in Gore Bay. The views are fantastic but call ahead if you want to go inside the Lighthouse as it is often closed.

If you’re doing a road trip through Manitoulin Island, you can find even more lighthouses on Manitoulin Island. Heading further west towards Meldrum Bay, stop by to get a look at the Mississagi Lighthouse (currently the road is closed). Built in 1879, it is the oldest lighthouse on Manitoulin Island. The Mississagi Lighthouse and Museum have been closed to the public since 2019, but you can still get a great view from outside. Plus, there is a trail that allows for the area surrounding the Lighthouse to be explored. There are rock crevices, grottoes, limestone ledges, and more.

Other lighthouses on the island include:

A young boy explores the grounds of the Janet Head Lighouse on Manitoulin Island. It's one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Explore Misery Bay, Provincial Park

The Misery Bay Nature Preserve is the only operating provincial park on Manitoulin Island. Misery Bay Provincial Park is known for having large areas of Alvar. An Alvar is a region of bare or nearly bare rock where little vegetation grows. This makes for some gorgeous hiking, especially in the fall when the lichen on the rocks begins to transform in color.

There are 4 hiking trails in Misery Bay Provincial Park. The terrain is relatively flat, so the Misery Bay hikes aren’t particularly challenging, but they are quite pretty. There are guided hikes available, which you can register for by contacting the Misery Bay Visitor’s Centre.

At the visitor’s center, the kids had so much fun looking at the exhibits and hands-on displays we almost had to bribe them to go on the hike with us. We ended up doing a combination of the Coastal Trail to theLookout, walked a bit on the Misery Bay Trail, before heading back on the Inner Alvar tail. We were so glad we went as the views of the Bay were magnificent. And, as it was later on in the day, we had the entire beach at Misery Bay to ourselves.

Benches on the beach at Misery Bay Provincial Park on Manitoulin Island. Hiking Misery Bay Provincial Park is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Experience a Royal Astronomical Society of Canada designated Dark Sky Preserve

Not all the fun things to do in Manitoulin Island are limited to the daytime. Because it is relatively far away from any major city, light pollution on the Island is at a minimum. However, it is so dark at Gordon’s Eco Park that it has received the Dark Sky Preserve designation from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

The park hosts Astronomy nights at a part of the park where no white light is allowed after sunset. Here, telescopes are set up and resident experts point out stars and constellations. And for those lucky ones, it is also possible to spot the Northern Lights when conditions are perfect!

We have camped at one of Gordon’s Eco Park camping sites as well as enjoyed a night in one of their teepee accommodations. Gordon’s Park also has small cabins available and serviced camping sites as well.

You can check out more incredible Manitoulin Island camping spots here.

Camping tents at Gordons Park Dark Sky Preserve on Manitoulin Island. A visit to Gordons Park is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Learn About Aboriginal Culture on the Great Spirit Circle Trail

The Great Spirit Circle Trail experience is one of the best hands-on ways to learn about Aboriginal culture. We’ve enjoyed some amazing First Nations experiences in Ontario, but one of the most amazing of them all has been this collection of adventures on Manitoulin Island.

The highlight of our Great Spirit Circle Trail experience was the Voice of the Drum. For a few hours, our aboriginal guide taught C how to make his own drum from traditional materials. It started with a smudging ceremony (a First Nation ceremony involving cleansing your spirit of bad thoughts by wafting smoke from cedar, tobacco, and other items) and ended with C having a mini-performance with his teacher. This amazing adventure came full-circle when the boys had the chance to join the drum circle at a pow wow in Wendake Quebec.

Other experiences we had were learning about various medicinal plants while hiking the Cup and Saucer Trail and learning about it from an aboriginal perspective, eating bannock and berries, and canoeing on Lake Manitou. You can read more about our Great Spirit Circle Trail experience here. The Great Spirit Circle Trail was one of the most in-depth indigenous experiences we had prior to our incredible indigenous tour of Quebec.

An Ojibwe man teaches two young children about the voice of the drum at the Great Spirit Circle Trail on Manitoulin Island. The Great Spirit Circle Trail is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

See the World’s Largest Pow Wow Drum, Peace Pipe, and Dreamcatcher in Sheshegwaning

At the Western end of Manitoulin Island near Meldrum Bay is the town of Sheshegwaning, home of the Zhiibaahassing First Nations people. This Indigenous community is worth the detour on your drive around Manitoulin Island to see the World’s largest peace pipe, biggest drum, and largest dreamcatcher.

A woman smiles while banging the worlds largest Pow Wow drum in Sheshegwaning Manitoulin Island. A visit to Sheshegwaning is one of the best things to on Manitoulin Island

Swim Under a Manitoulin Island Waterfall at Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is in Kagawong and is a very popular spot for both locals and those visiting Manitoulin Island. The Bridal Veil Falls is 11 m (35 ft) tall and you can swim in the small pool at the base of the falls. A walk behind the falls is also possible, although it can get slippery. Entry to the waterfalls is free and there is a small parking lot off of HWY 540 where you can park and head down the steel staircase to the waterfall.

For those that want to have a bit more of an adventure getting to the Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island, there is a hiking trail from the top of the falls. It follows both sides of the stream. Follow the trail down to the base of the falls for some great views.

A father and some swim under a waterfall on Manitoulin Island. A swim in Bridal Veil Falls is one of the top things to do on Manitoulin Island

Spend a Day at the Beach in Providence Bay

Looking for a large expanse of sand surrounding the crystal-clear waters of Lake Huron? Then a day (or two) at Providence Bay on the south shore of Manitoulin Island is for you. The beach was originally called “Bebekodawangog”, which means “where the beach curves around the water”. Providence Bay is less than a 30-minute drive from the South Baymouth Ferry which makes it a popular day trip on Manitoulin Island. For those that don’t like sand on their toes, there is also a boardwalk that winds along the shoreline.

If you are traveling to Manitoulin Island with kids, note that Providence Bay also has a nice playground and nature center (located at the start of the boardwalk). So, when they are done swimming, or making sandcastles, you can tire out your little ones on the nearby swing and slides. The area around Providence Bay is popular for Cottage rentals on Manitoulin Island as well. So if you’re looking for a getaway, it’s the perfect place to start.

Boardwalk in Providence Bay Manitoulin Island. A walk along the boardwalk and beach in Providence Bay is one of the most amazing things to do on Manitoulin Island

Enjoy a Sunset Canoe Ride on Lake Manitou

Manitoulin Island has over 100 lakes! And Lake Manitou is the largest lake within an island within a freshwater lake in the world. So, when we were looking to try out canoeing on Manitoulin Island, Lake Manitou sounded like a great option. We went on a guided expedition with the Great Spirit Circle Trail. The waters were a bit rough as we went out in the deeper water just before sunset, but the views were worth the waves!

For those that prefer calmer waters, it would be best to go out earlier in the morning. Joining a tour is not necessary. You can either bring your own canoe or rent from one of the many canoe outfitters on Manitoulin Island.

Canoers on Lake Manitou on Manitou in Island. A sunset canoe ride on Lake Manitou is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Do Some Manitoulin Island Fishing

With all those lakes, it is no wonder Manitoulin Island is a fishing destination. The waters of Meldrum Bay are said to have the best Chinook salmon fishing in Canada. Providence Bay is also a popular fishing spot, with a fall salmon run filling the waters just off the boardwalk. C loves fishing and kept asking to get a fishing guide to make sure we could land “land a big one!”

Manitoulin is a hugely popular destination for Rainbow Trout fishing. In fact, many locals say that there really isn’t a bad place for fishing on Manitoulin Island. Some of the most popular spots are on Lake Manitou, Lake Kagawong, and on the shores of Georgian Bay. We also had a lot of luck with bass up at the docks in Little Current.

A young boy concentrates while fishing from the boardwalk in Providence Bay Manitoulin Island. Fishing for salmon is one of the top things to do on Manitoulin Island

Take A Trip Back In Time In Meldrum Bay

Meldrum Bay is a village at the westernmost end of HWY 540. Settled in the 1870s the town is named after a town in Scotland. It used to be a fishing village but today, the dock is busy with non-commercial boats and summer folk enjoying the largely non-commercial way of life in the village. The Meldrum Bay Inn and Restaurant is one of Manitoulin Island’s top Hotels. It is also famous for serving some of the best food on Manitoulin Island.

If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal you can also grab a sausage, burger or pizza from the food stand next door at the Meldrum Bay General Store. The owners will entertain you with stories of spending summers growing on the Island (tell them we say hi!). During the summer season, kayak and paddleboard rentals are available. This is a great way to explore the Bay.

Meldrum Bay Inn and the General Store in Meldrum Bay Manitoulin Island. A visit to Meldrum Bay is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Dance at A Manitoulin Island Pow Wow

A pow wow is a gathering and celebration of First Nations People. They are full of song, dance, music, and food. If you can time your visit to Manitoulin Island during one of the annual pow-wows we strongly suggest you go. Experiencing a pow-wow on Manitoulin island is a perfect way to learn about, and get involved with Aboriginal culture in Ontario. You can read all about how to experience a pow-wow in Ontario here.

An elder dancers at a Pow Wow in Sheguiandah Manitoulin Island. A visit to a Pow Wow is one of the greatest things to do on Manitoulin Island

Best Places To Eat On Manitoulin Island

You don’t have to look far to find great restaurants on Manitoulin Island. For all of the great things to do on Manitoulin Island, eating great food is always near the top. From great local restaurants to unique and flavorful food trucks, the food scene on Manitoulin is booming.

Indulge In Manitoulin Island Whitefish at Lake Huron Fish and Chips in Providence Bay

After swimming in Providence Bay, a walk to nearby Lake Huron Fish and Chips in Providence Bay makes for a perfect break. It is located on the corner of 551 and McNevin St. The line-up can be long during the busy summer season so try to get there early before the crowd shows up. But the wait is worth it! The freshly battered whitefish will leave a lasting impression.

Lake Huron Fish and Chips in Providence Bay Manitoulin Island. Lake Huron Fish and Chips is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Treat Yourself To Ice Cream At Farquhar’s Dairy Ice Cream

Manitoulin Island has delicious local Ice Cream from Farquhar’s dairy. Farquhar Dairies Ltd is a family-owned Canadian business with origins in Manitoulin Island. You can find Farquhar’s ice cream at many places within the island, but we couldn’t find it at lower prices than at the gas station and restaurant between M’Chigeeng and Mindemoya.

Scooping Faquhar's Dairy Ice Cream in M'Chigeeng Ontario. Tasting Farquhar's Ice Cream is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Enjoy Breakfast and an Apple Fritter at Mum’s Bakery in Mindemoya

Through all of our things to do in Manitoulin Island, Ontario we rarely came upon any crowds. That is until we stopped at Mum’s Bakery and Restaurant in Mindemoya. This popular breakfast and lunch spot has delicious baked treats. Do yourself a favor and take out a box of their amazing Apple Fritters.

Breakfast at Mums Bakery in Mindemoya Manitoulin Island. A plate of eggs, sausages, bacon and toast with some coffee is one of the best things to do on Manitoulin Island

Taste Some Local Brews At Manitoulin Island Brewing Company

I find it very difficult to pass up a great local brewery when I travel. So when we were in Little Current recently, I made sure to stop at the Manitoulin Island Brewing Co. before heading to our overnight at Gordon’s Eco Resort. You can pick up pints, cans, or even a flight of their different Canadiana and Manitoulin-themed beers and grab a case to bring back to your cottage or Manitoulin Island campground.

I’m a sucker for comedy, so when I saw their Mr. Canoehead lager, which is named after a sketch from the famed Canadian comedy group, the Frantics, I was sold. But to be honest, their whole lineup is fantastic. Swing Bridge is a light and flavorful blonde, and Bridal Veil is a pale ale that fits perfectly with the famous waterfall.

Manitoulin Island Brewing Co. doesn’t serve food itself, but those enjoying their patio can get delivery from nearby Anchor Inn or indulge in the on-site food truck run by Chiblow.

Manitoulin Island Brewing Co.
Manitoulin Island Brewing Co.

North46 Restaurant

You can’t experience the best food on Manitoulin Island without a visit to North46. First Nations heritage runs deep through this island, and North46 is a First Nations-run restaurant located within the Manitoulin Island Hotel and Conference Centre in Little Current. North46 has a focus on Aboriginal-themed dining. It trends on locally-sourced ingredients served with a traditional Indigenous twist.

Our Manitoulin Island Video

Intrigued by these ideas of what to do on Manitoulin Island and thinking of making your own visit? You can get some further information by checking out our popular Manitoulin Island video on YouTube. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to help us continue bringing fun and inspiring family-travel content to you.

Where To Stay On Manitoulin Island Ontario

Manitoulin Island is bursting with quaint bed and breakfasts, motels, and small inns. Outside of the big town of Little Current, you won’t find many big hotels on Manitoulin Island. The largest of these is the First Nations-run Manitoulin Island Hotel and Conference Centre. This high-end Manitoulin Island hotel has large and spacious rooms overlooking the gorgeous North Channel. You can check out their prices and availability here.

Manitoulin Islands all about slowing down and enjoying the rural lifestyle. There are some great smaller accommodations on Manitoulin Island to consider including the Wayside Motel in Manitowaning. The Wayside Motel has a great beachside location and all the rooms have microwaves and coffee makers.

Another popular Manitoulin Island accommodation is the Huron Sands motel in Providence Bay. Huron Sands has a restaurant serving home-style meals, free WiFi, and a location that gives easy access to many of the things to do on Manitoulin Island.

What are your Favorite Things to do on Manitoulin Island?

By now I’m sure you can see why Manitoulin Island is one of our top places to visit with kids in Ontario. But did we miss anything? Do you have a favorite place on Manitoulin Island that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below so we can keep this updated for those wanting to visit Manitoulin Island with kids!

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Lex M.

Friday 30th of June 2023

Please update this post regarding the Mississagi Lighthouse in Meldrum Bay. Road access is still closed as of 2023.

Kevin Wagar

Thursday 6th of July 2023

Thanks for the update. I'll check in to see how it's progressing.

Kelly Madigan

Tuesday 17th of August 2021

I hope this message finds you well.

I loved reading your recent reviews of Sudbury and Manitoulin Island travel.

As a former Sudbury region resident, who spent my summers at a family cottage and visiting family on the Island, I find it interesting to see the area through a tourist's len's.

Regrettably, I don't visit the area often as travelling is difficult for my family.

I hope to plan a trip soon as I truly miss the experience.

My favorite experiences on the Island included hiking through the marshland/swamps created by beaver dams and observing the many natural interactions in the ecosystem. Taking long walks around our family's bay which was heavily forrested, yet was once farmland. Exploring family farms which included abondoned farm equipment and buildings while chasing ferrel cats was always a highlight LOL

We were 5 minutes from Bridal Veil falls, and often went swimming in the evening when there was less tourists.

I hope to plan a stay for next year. Preferrably at a cottage, close to Bridal Veil Falls.

Take Care


Kevin Wagar

Tuesday 17th of August 2021

Thanks so much for sharing Kelly! I hope that you get back for your extended stay. I know it will be incredible.

Danilo A Constantino

Monday 24th of May 2021

We are booked for the first week of August 2021. Thanks for the great info! My family and I can’t wait for our week long vacation on the Island. I know it will something worth remembering.

Kevin Wagar

Thursday 27th of May 2021

Hi Danilo! I'm so happy to hear that. Manitoulin Island is a special place. Your family is sure to have a wonderful time.


Monday 3rd of May 2021

Hi, planning a July '21 road trip to Superior with a full day stopover on the Island, thanks for this info. Am being really brave (reckless?) by attempting hikes in 3 Manitoulin locations (C&S, Misery Bay, Providence Bay) with 2 teens. When they were little they skipped ahead on any hike I brought them, with the risk I had to then carry them on way back. Now that they are big, the risk is I have to endure much complaining, or maybe even can't get them out of the car at the trailhead. But I'm giving it a shot.

My question: how to get hold of a trail map for C&S to not get lost?

Kevin Wagar

Monday 3rd of May 2021

Hi Monica!

Once your kids see the beauty of the island I have doubt that they’ll be jumping out of the car for these hikes! There aren’t any printed Cup and Saucer trail maps available, however there are large maps at the trail heads (I snap a photo with my phone). The trails are fairly well marked and even the Adventure Trail is straightforward if you keep the cliff on your right head in up trail.

Su Wa

Sunday 29th of September 2019

Thanks to tourism advertising like this, Ontario hwy 6 which leads to the Chi Cheemaun ferry terminal, is now a race track where “In 2019, January 1st to September 3rd, Grey Bruce OPP have charged 221 drivers with stunt driving, 176 of the charges have been on Highway 6, a 75km length of highway between Wiarton and Tobermory.” Stunt driving is travelling at greater than 130km/h in a posted 80km/h zone. The vehicle is impounded. Needless to say there have been horrendous accidents with loss of life. Short term vacation rental is lucrative so now there is a shortage of places for long term people to live. If staff can’t love here, the businesses cannot operate effectively. This is the downside that you don’t advertise. And that is what you want to import onto Manitoulin Island?

U Muller

Saturday 6th of November 2021

@Kevin Wagar, so true. I have been twice to Manitoulin Island yet, both times staying at the Wikwemikong Anishinaabe community. Manitoulin Island is one of my favorite places on Earth. ? You forgot to mention, that Manitoulin Island is also a cultural hub, where many great Anishinaabe and Ontario artists have their home. You can visit their galleries across the Island. Some of them: Mishibinijima - James Simon, Bebaminojmat - Leland Bell, Blair Debassige - M'Chigeeng Art Gallery, Ann Beam - Neon Raven Art Gallery.

Kevin Wagar

Sunday 29th of September 2019

Hello Su,

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. You are correct. HWY 6 to Bruce County can be an extremely busy route. During weekends in Ontario, many highways heading towards beautiful regions such as Bruce County, the Kawarthas, and Muskoka are often inundated with weekend warriors escaping the big cities. Towns such as Wasaga Beach and Tobermory do experience over-tourism, especially on long weekends. It is precisely because of this that I encourage people to explore beyond these popular lakeside towns. By diversifying tourist interest beyond areas like Bruce Peninsula National Park and encouraging visitors to explore under-visited areas such as Manitoulin Island we can encourage a more sustainable balance of Ontario tourism. This way people can use their tourism dollars to support many of the incredible Manitoulin Island businesses that rely on tourism to keep afloat. Businesses such as The Great Spirit Circle Trail and Gordon's Eco Park can continue to grow and flourish. Tourism in Ontario is only going to continue to grow. And as much as we would all love to keep our little piece of paradise to ourselves, it simply isn't realistic with the growth of population and the increasing accessibility of tourism. Instead, a focus on sustainability and diversification is a more realistic approach.