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Discover The Wendake Hotel Musee Premieres Nations In Quebec City

If you’re looking for a unique hotel in Quebec City, you must experience the Wendake Hotel Musee Premieres Nations for a First Nations luxury twist.

Hotel Musee Premieres Nations Wendake hotel

There are few places in Canada that make indigenous immersion as accessible as the Quebec City suburb of Wendake. This Wendat community, located within the borders of Quebec’s capital city might be minutes away from Old Quebec, but it’s a world away in terms of atmosphere and culture. There are not a lot of places to stay in Wendake. But, if you’re looking for the best hotel Wendake has on offer, there should really be only one choice anyways. The Hotel Musee Premieres Nations.

What Is The Hotel Musee Premieres Nations?

The Hotel Musee Premieres Nations in Wendake Quebec is one of the most unique hotels that we have experienced in our world travels. The hotel combines a luxury Indigenous-run hotel with one of the most acclaimed First Nations museums. This Wendake hotel also throws in a phenomenal First Nations fusion restaurant with experiential immersion opportunities through local tours and their Wendake Longhouse Storytelling experience.

The hotel Wendake experience makes it not only one of the best day trips from Quebec City, but also one of the most of the coolest indigenous experiences in Quebec. If you are interested in exploring Wendake, Quebec, and learning about the rich Wendat history, Hotel Musee Premieres Nations is a must-visit destination in Quebec.

Hotel Wendake Quebec City

The Wendake Hotel Experience At Hotel Musee Premieres Nations

As an experiential hotel, the Premieres Nations Wendake Hotel is fantastic. There are many opportunities to explore the stories, culture, and traditions of Canada’s First Nations people. The experiences at Hotel Musee Premieres Nations are excellent. From the on-site Nature Spa and longhouse to the tours of the Huron-Wendat traditional site.

Huron-Wendat Museum

The Huron-Wendat Museum at the Wendake Hotel Premieres Nations is the crown jewel of the Wendake indigenous experiences. The Huron-Wendat Museum has a mandate to teach and popularize the history, culture, and art of the Wendat people and other First Nations cultures. The Wendake Museum first opened in 2008 and quickly established itself as an important fixture in the promotion of Indigenous culture in Quebec.

The Huron-Wendat Museum Quebec features textiles, furniture, jewelry, and more collected over at least 40 years. Far from focusing solely on Wendat history, the museum embraces all First Nations people through a wide range of exhibits and experiences. The Wendat Museum has a very educational focus. If you’re visiting the museum in Wendake with children, I highly recommend the guided tour that includes a visit to the Ekionkiestha Traditional Longhouse, where you’ll learn about traditional life in the Wendat Nation in an authentic setting.

Huron Wendat Museum at Hotel Wendake

Nation Sante Spa

Are you ready to relax in style? Experience Wendat luxury with massage therapy, a Nordic spa, and a yurt in an atmosphere with waterfalls. The Nation Sante Spa at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations offers Wendat hospitality in a nature-focused setting. The Wendake spa experience includes a fire pit and heated sidewalks. It’s set in a multi-sensory setting designed to get you in touch with both yourself and nature.

Ekionkiestha’ Traditional Longhouse Myths and Legends Storytelling

The longhouse was the traditional home of the Wendat people before the Europeans arrived. To this day it is still viewed as a symbol of family and hospitality. One of the most spectacular experiences at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations is the Ekonkiestha Traditional Longhouse. A visit to the Wendake longhouse is included in one of the guided tours of the Huron-Wendat museum, the most engaging experiences are had with the Myths and Legends Storytelling experience at the Wendake hotel. This Longhouse is similar to one that we visited in the Iroquois community of Six Nations, Ontario. But the Wendake Longhouse is definitely on a different level.

The storytelling experience is a spectacle that not only introduces visitors to the story of the longhouse and its focus on family but also immerses them in spectacular stories of the First Nations people. Families, couples, and groups alike will be enthralled by the beautiful storytelling told by campfire within the Ekionkiestha longhouse. To top it all off, the Myths and Legends experience includes the chance to cook traditional bannock on an open fire (weather permitting).

Wendake Hotel Myths and Legends Storytelling

Wendake Longhouse Overnight Experience

There is also an opportunity to spend the night in the Wendake longhouse. During this experience, visitors are transported back to “pre-contact” times. The Wendake Longhouse overnight experience is similar to the Myths and Legends experience, but the night doesn’t end with the storytelling. A Fire Keeper ensures that the warm fires burn throughout the night, just as was during pre-contact times. This is all while you lay comfortably on a bed of spruce and furs spread out on the raised sleeping platforms of the Wendat traditional longhouse.

And while it’s wonderful to fall into historical immersion, you’ll still have all the luxuries of the Hotel Wendake experience at your disposal. Those who enjoy the longhouse overnight also have a room at the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations for “modern conveniences.” And they’ll also be treated to breakfast at the La Traite Restaurant.

Wendake Hotel Longhouse Overnight experience

La Traite Restaurant

On the lower floor of the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations is the high-end La Traite Restaurant. The restaurant has the ambiance of being right in the middle of nature. The use of tree trunks and natural materials coupled with the picture windows showcasing the backside of the hotel Wendak does a wonderful job of transporting you back in time. The food was so phenomenal that it inspired our list of easy Indigenous-inspired recipes to make at home.

Chef Olivier Bernadet combines Nordic flavors with First Nations cuisine to create fascinating and flavorful dishes. He uses game meat, homemade smoked salmon, native berries, local herbs, and arctic char to craft unique plates that offer a glimpse into indigenous cuisine with a luxury twist.

La Traite Restaurant has a delicious selection of table d’hote dishes. You can choose to pair with select wines to maximize the experience. And make sure to stay for dessert. No matter what choice you make, you’ll leave happy.

Dessert at La Traite Restaurant Wendake Hotel

Accommodations At Hotel Wendake Premieres Nations

The experiences of the Hotel Musee Wendake are incredible. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The rooms are modern with a classic twist. The beds are decorated with fur throws and indigenous art. The walls are lined with traditional First Nations decorations. Each room has a coffee machine, bathrobes, a small fridge, and a television. You’ll find all the comforts that one would expect of a boutique hotel in Quebec City.

All 55 rooms of the Hotel Musee Premieres Nations face the Akiawenrahk River, which is sacred to the Wendat Nation. Even though this hotel is within the borders of Quebec City, it’s the lush trees and soothing sounds of nature that wake you in the morning rather than the sounds of traffic.

To top it off, the views can be enjoyed from the French-style patio through sliding glass doors. The bathrooms are clean, modern, and very spacious.

The lobby at the hotel is spacious, open, and bright. It is lined with traditional artwork and centered around a four-sided fireplace. The hotel does a beautiful job of combining modern luxury with indigenous heritage.

Rooms at Wendake Hotel Musee Premieres Nations

Our Wendake Travel Video

Our time exploring all the things to do in Wendake, Quebec, was magic. I’d love to say that photos could capture it all, but there’s just too much culture and history to sum it up that way. So, if you want to check out a little bit more about Wendake Quebec, check out our Wendake travel video on YouTube.

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Other Things To Do Near The Wendake Hotel

The location of the hotel feels remote when you’re there. But, the Wendake hotel is centered in the town of Wendake and is easy walking distance from a number of attractions. These include the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church, the Kabir Kouba waterfalls, the Tsawenhohi House, and the Huron-Wendat Traditional site. You can check out our full review of the things to do in Wendake Quebec here. You can also check out our Indigenous-themed road trip through Ontario that we did recently if you’re looking to extend your trip.

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