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12 Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling

Traveling with kids is one of the greatest ways of building strong bonds and unforgettable memories. Here are 12 Items to keep kids healthy when traveling

Traveling with kids is one of the greatest ways of building strong bonds and unforgettable memories.

However, it comes with various stresses. We came up with this list of items to keep kids healthy When traveling to help parents be prepared when traveling with your little ones.

Items to keep kids healthy when traveling

1. Bandaids

Cuts! We all get them. Make boo-boos better instantly by ensuring you have a few (a lot if you have toddlers) band-aids in your med kit.

Gravol for kids - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling 2. Anti-nausea, anti-vomiting medication

It’s hard not to feel terrible for any kid dealing with an upset stomach.  It’s also just awful having to deal with vomiting kids when you’re stuck in an airplane or car for a long ride. Bringing along anti-nausea medication will ensure you’re prepared for the worst of the worst. Flying with an upset stomach is no fun, and if you’re throwing up it’s can be worse for all involved.

3. Children’s or infant acetaminophen or other pain and fever medicine

Be prepared for fevers, earaches, or other aches or pains by making sure you pack the appropriate pain and fever medication when traveling.  The bottles are small and easy to pack and you should make sure you have them with you at all times.

Don’t forget to bring an adult one as well, because taking care of kids is never fun when you’re sick.

 4. Antibiotic or antiseptic ointment

When you’re traveling it is extra important to ensure that you keep any nicks and scratches clean. Have a tube of antiseptic cream with you to keep infections at bay.

Cottonelle wet wipes - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling5. Flushable wipes

Accidents happen, sometimes they’re small, and sometimes they’re stinky.  Be prepared with some flushable wipes that will help in any situation.

6. Lip balm

Chapped lips aren’t the end of the world, but they can make for some cranky kids. Kids love putting on lip balm, and it’s a great way to keep their kissers soft and protected from the sun. Make sure to use a brand that has a high SPF rating to avoid unwanted sunburns!

7. Allergy medication

Sometimes you don’t know if you’re allergic to something until you’re introduced to it for the first time. Even if you or your child don’t suffer from any known allergies, bring some allergy medication along with you just in case.

8. Nasal decongestant

Sinus problems are the worst. Stuffy noses suck.  These crappy symptoms can become almost unbearable when you’re flying.  Make sure to travel with a quality decongestant spray.  Ask your pharmacist for their recommendations on the best brands for your family.

Cute packages of childrens hand sanitizer - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling9. Hand-sanitizing gel

Small vials of hand sanitizer are crucial when traveling. You never know what your kids will get into or what animals they may decide to befriend. Keep a small vial at the ready for you and your kids.

Healthy childrens snacks - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling10. Snacks

Hanger sucks.  Kids with hanger suck.  Make sure you have snacks on you always to help you ward off evil whenever hunger rears its ugly head.  Granola bars, pretzels, and fruit chips make for easy-to-pack treats that will help you make it until meal-time.

A change of children's clothes in a ziplock bag - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling11. A change of clothes

Spills and accidents happen.  One of the key items to keep kids healthy when traveling is a large ziplock bag with a change of clothes for the kiddos so you don’t have to haul a mud-covered toddler around with you wherever you go.

Deuter Backpack - Items to Keep Kids Healthy When Travelling12. A good daypack with a hydration pack

A good daypack will help you keep all these things available without having to lug around awkward shoulder bags or purses, leaving your arms free to help with big steps or to take pictures. It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated while traveling, many good daypacks also come with hydration packs that make carrying water incredibly easy.

You can find our guide to the best daypacks here.

There is no end to the things that people like to have with them when they travel. If you have your own items to keep kids healthy when traveling, drop us a note in the comments section below to let us know and we can add it to future lists!

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Agness of eTramping

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

These items aren't only for kids but also great to have for adults. Excellent post!


Friday 23rd of September 2016

Never mind kids, think I should be travelling with all these for myself!


Thursday 18th of August 2016

Great list filled with awesome tips even for adults.Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 9th of July 2016

Sound advice and packing list if you have kids traveling with you. But come to think of it, most of the stuff applies for adults too.