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Fairmont Southampton Hotel: Family Friendly Accommodation in Bermuda

Just minutes from Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda, the Fairmont Southampton Hotel is a place you should seriously consider for a family stay on this island.

View of Fairmont Southampton Hotel from Horseshoe Bay Beach.

The Fairmont Southampton hotel is in the Southampton district in Bermuda. Located in central Bermuda on the south shore, it provides easy access to iconic Horseshoe Bay. With over 600 rooms, the Fairmont Southhampton Hotel is the largest in Bermuda.

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Check-in at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel

Upon check-in, we were given the opportunity to upgrade to the Fairmont Gold Floor on the 6th floor. I had read that if the hotel had empty rooms at check-in, discounts could be had on the upgrades. Lucky for us, this was the case and we were able to upgrade for half the price of what was being advertised. We jumped at the opportunity as the price for the Gold Floor included several benefits.

Dining lounge on the Gold Floor of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda.

First, it provided free wireless internet access on the hotel property. Second, it included a breakfast buffet right on the floor. Third, we had access to beverages all day. Drinks like bottled water, pop, coffee, and juice could be obtained from the fridges located in the eating area at the Gold Floor. Last, we had access to various delicious snacks all day! This was a huge plus for us as C and D like to eat twice their weight in fresh fruit.

Food presentation area in the Gold Floor of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel.

The upgrade meant that we didn’t have to take a cab to the nearest grocery store to stock up on supplies. The hotel had tea and canapes during the afternoon and a dessert assortment in the evening. As a bonus, a dedicated concierge was also always available to help with all your vacation needs, like when we needed a taxi/guide to help us explore the historic town of St. George or when we needed help renting a boat.

The lounge at the Gold Floor of the Fairmont Southampton Hotel also has very comfortable couches.

Room and amenities

Fairmont Southampton hotel has 667 rooms, all with either an ocean view or a view of the iconic Gibb’s lighthouse. We had a room with two queen beds and a view of the lighthouse.

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to book a room at the hotel that has an awful view. The room was spacious for our needs and the walk-in closet really helped to keep all the clutter and beach sand out of sight.


Pools and East Whale Bay

The Fairmont Southhampton hotel has 3 pools and a private beach. One of the pools is reserved during the day for spa guests only so we were not able to use it. The other two pools are beside each other with one being a kid’s pool. Even though the water was cold, C and D enjoyed going down the water slide over and over again.


Fairmont Southampton hotel also has its own private beach, East Whale Bay, which is across the road from the hotel. It got its name for the whales which pass through Bermuda’s waters during the month of March.

The beach and hotel offer great spots to see these incredible animals as they pass by. To access the gated beach the hotel provides a shuttle. The beach is right beside the famous Horseshoe Bay. East Whale Bay features shops, a restaurant and a bar as well as tennis courts.

It’s a popular spot for snorkeling as well. It is not a surprise that it is often referred to as one of the best Bermuda beaches.

Boy playing in the sand at East Whale Bay, Bermuda.
Boy snorkeling in the Atlantic waters off the coast of Bermuda.

Fairmont Southampton Kids Club

Fairmont Southampton hotel has an amazing kid’s program. Upon check-in, we were provided with a booklet of the free activities that were running in the resort for the week.

Kids club at the Fairmont Southampton.

We could have opted to sign the kids up for kid’s camp for an extra fee which would have allowed us to leave them at the resort for the day. But since we focused on exploring the island’s many beaches, we instead joined in the activities when we happened to be in the resort.

There was no lack of activities either. C and D loved the Easter egg hunt and the incredible Good Friday kite-building party.

Two boys with their Easter baskets full of candy.


The Fairmont Southhampton hotel has eight restaurants. We were visiting during low-season, however, so only three were open. We ate 2 dinners at Jasmine Lounge, which is the restaurant on the first floor just off the lobby.

There was live music both nights which the kids really enjoyed. The restaurant served typical pub fare like chicken wings, pizza, and burgers. However, they also served island specialties like fish chowder and fish tacos.

Kevin and I both enjoyed the fish dishes and the kids could not get enough of the Mediterranean chicken pizza. I don’t blame them. It was delicious!

Rectangular chicken Mediterranean pizza.

The third restaurant, Ocean Club,  is at East Whale Beach. On Good Friday, the concierge informed us that it is a tradition on the island to have fish cakes. Neighbors visit each other and bring fish cakes to each other’s homes.

Hearing of the tradition we headed down to the restaurant as we were told it serves one of the best fish cakes in the area. We weren’t disappointed! We quickly devoured the fish cake. Even D wanted to have some.

Eating and drinking beer while watching the waves of the turquoise ocean while the children played in the sand beside us was a relaxing way to spend our meal.

Fish burger is a traditional food on Good Friday in Bermuda.


The Fairmont Southhampton Hotel is perfectly suited for families traveling to Bermuda. It has a perfect grasp on how to treat its guests and its location, across from the premiere beach in the country is unbeatable.

We were impressed by the friendliness of the staff, the size, and quality of the rooms and the lengths to which their events bring a special touch to the culture of the island. The Fairmont Southhampton is worth a look for any travelers visiting Bermuda.

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Saturday 25th of March 2017

This place looks great! I definitely need to make a family trip here when we go to Bermuda! My son would love the pool and slides!


Thursday 23rd of March 2017

I always have a good time at Fairmont hotels! This place looks amazing and such a great hotel for kids too. The pool looks so fun!