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How To Spend Fall In The Blue Mountains, Ontario

Blue Mountains In Fall

Blue Mountain resort is one of the most popular getaways in Ontario. This incredible Collingwood resort might be at its most popular during the winter ski-season, but there are so many things to do at Blue Mountain in the fall that it’s worth making a visit here in the off-season.

After all, skiing and snowboarding aren’t all that Blue Mountain has to offer. In the past few years, Blue, as it’s often referred to, has transformed from a winter destination to a four-season adventure getaway.

And if you’re curious as to what is open at Blue Mountain amidst the current travel situation, the answer is, a lot. From zip-lining to roller coasters, restaurants, and light shows, here are all the best things to do at Blue Mountain in Fall.

What You Need To Know About The Blue Mountains Ontario

Waterfall and rollercoasters at Blue Mountain Resort
Waterfall and rollercoasters at Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountains Ontario is an area of Collingwood, Ontario on the south shores of Georgian Bay. Now, there isn’t any real “Blue Mountain.” In fact, the area is really a series of rolling hills and escarpment where Blue Mountain Ski Resort was established back in 1989. But the success of the resort grew to the point where “The Blue Mountains” was established as a independent village in 2001.

The combination of natural beauty, mountain-style village life, and outdoor adventure activities have made the Blue Mountains one of the most popular places to visit in Ontario.

The Blue Mountains are an easy 2-hour, or 160 km drive north of Toronto and just a short drive south east of the Bruce Peninsula. And for looking to experience fall in The Blue Mountains, be prepared for one of the most spectacular fall colours in the province.

The Blue Mountains, about 160 km (100 miles) north of Toronto, in Southern Georgian Bay is a great weekend getaway from Toronto and one of the most popular getaways in Ontario.

The Blue Mountains are a perfect family destination. The resort offers a spectacular mix of luxury, adventure, cuisine, and excellent accommodations. In the area around the resort you’ll discover incredible hiking trails, beaches, and much more.

About Blue Mountain Resort

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The focal point of The Blue Mountains is non other than Blue Mountain Resort. If you make the visit to the resort and feel like you’ve stumbled into the Rockies, that’s because this alpine-style resort is owned by Alterra Mountain Company. Alterra is the same company that owns some of the most popular ski resorts in North America such as Mont Tremblant, Mammoth Mountain, and Crystal Mountain.

Blue Mountain Resort is stocked with restaurants serving everything from poutine to surf and turf. The lodge-style accommodations truly cater to families. Most rooms included kitchenettes, bedrooms, pullout couches, and fire places.

And experiencing fall at Blue Mountain Resort is an amazing way to take in all of the attractions.

How To Spend One Day At Blue Mountain Resort

Maybe you’re crunched for time and you don’t have a full weekend to explore the Blue Mountains. Or, you’re heading up to Blue Mountain Resort for some much-needed time away. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of things you can squeeze into one day at Blue Mountain Resort. Check out our video below to see our wild and crazy day at Blue.

Things To Do At Blue Mountain In The Fall

There are some great things to do at Blue Mountain Resort in the all. From adventure to nature and everything in between. To make the most of your Blue Mountains adventure, consider picking up the Play All Day adventure pass. This will give you access to most of the Blue Mountain experiences at one cost.

Feel The Need For Speed On The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster at Blue Mountain
Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster at Blue Mountain

Mountain roller coasters, or mountain coasters have been popping up at ski resorts around the world as a thrilling way to add some 4-season excitement. And since it opened in 2011, the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster has been one of the top Blue Mountain attractions.

This twisty-turny wooden adventure ride starts with a slow pull up to the top of the Blue Mountain Ski Hill before sending you soaring down a series of dips, dives, turns, and twists to the waiting crowds at the bottom. The entire experience sends you down 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) of trail. But if the idea of an uncontrolled descent concerns you, don’t worry. You control the brake the entire way.

Children under 12 must ride with an adult, so for our Ridge Runner ride, C came with me and D went with Christina. At the end of the first ride, D had had enough of a thrill. C, on the other hand, wanted to go down again. This time he asked me to floor it and it was pedal to the metal the whole way down.

The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster is open all year, so if you want to experience the fall colours of Blue Mountain, this is a super fun way.

Take To The Skies on the Timber Challenge Ropes Course

Timber Challenge Ropes Course at the Blue Mountain
Timber Challenge Ropes Course at the Blue Mountain

Treetop Trekking is something we have had a blast experiencing. C and I rocked some wild ropes courses in Saguenay, Quebec, and at the beginning of the summer, D got his first taste when we went treetop trekking in Stouffville, Ontario.

This multi-level ropes and adventure course at Blue Mountain has something for all ages and skill levels. The low ropes course has two-tiers, an introductory course and a high course. For those wanting to push their comfort levels, there’s a high ropes course as well that snakes among the trees and include the wildly popular zip lines.

Although the boys were too young to partake in the high ziplines, they loved the thrill of the low ropes course and it was a great way to experience Blue Mountain in the fall.

Ride The Trails Of The Blue Mountain Bike Park

There are few better mountain biking trails in central Ontario than the Blue Mountain Bike Park. Whether you’re looking for leisurely trails or action-packed thrill rides, this park has everything from mountain bikers of all skill levels.

We haven’t tried out the mountain bike trails at Blue Mountain yet, but I’m hoping to bring the boys there very soon.

If fall mountain biking at Blue isn’t your thing, there are also e-bikes available for rent. These pedal-assisted electric bikes can give you a big boost on the hills and make for a much more relaxing cycling experience. Those 16 and older can sign up for both 60 and 90-minute tours.

Take A Ride On The Open-Air Gondola

Views from the Open Air Gondola in the Blue Mountains
Views from the Open Air Gondola in the Blue Mountains

Some of the best views of Blue Mountain Village come from above. Sure, life inside the alpine-style town is sweet. But it’s not until you get a birds-eye view that the scope of Blue Mountain in the fall really becomes apparent.

While you can take a drive up the mountain to some of the viewing platforms looking out over the town, you can also hop on the Blue Mountain Gondola for a scenic ride up the ski hill.

Take In 18-Holes Of Cascade Mini-Golf

Cascades Mini Golf at Blue Mountain Resort
Cascades Mini Golf at Blue Mountain Resort

To say that my family is bad at mini-golf might be an understatement. But, we still love the quirky and fun mini-golf course at Blue Mountain in the fall. The Cascades course is right at the edge of the village and features a winding 18 holes of some of the twistiest mini-golf holes we’ve ever experienced.

Get Wet at Plunge! Aquatic Park

Plunge! Aquatic Centre at Blue Mountain Resort
Plunge! Aquatic Centre at Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountain water park, Plunge! is a great little attraction for families at Blue Mountain. Featuring an indoor/outdoor pool, splashpad, waterslides, and more, Plunge! offers a fun place to soak away the day.

My kids could have spent the entire day shooting hoops and ducking under the dump bucket. But there were just too many things to do at Blue Mountain in the fall to explore.

Wander Through The Blue Mountain Light Trail

Agora Light Trail at Blue Mountain
Agora Light Trail at Blue Mountain

One of the latest fall and winter trends has been the creation of spectacular light trails that wander through unique locations or spectacular nature. The Blue Mountains has jumped on this as well and laid out the Agora Light Trail at the top of the Blue Mountain trails near Scenic Caves.

Now I’ll admit, the Agora Trail isn’t as spectacular or engaging as the Lumina experiences we’ve had in Sherbrooke, Quebec and Kingston, Ontario. But the Blue Mountain light show is also significantly less expensive. And, when combined with the scenic ride up the Blue Mountain gondola, it makes for a fun night out for families in the Blue Mountains.

Things To Do Near The Blue Mountains In The Fall

Things don’t end at the edge of the Blue Mountain Resort. From Collingwood to the shores of Georgian Bay, and the nearby waterfalls and hiking trails, there are so many things to do near the Blue Mountains that you could literally spend a lifetime taking it all in.

And from Thunder Bay to Windsor, this area of Ontario is one of the most spectacular places to visit in the fall.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Scenic Caves Adventure Park In the Blue Mountains
Scenic Caves Adventure Park In the Blue Mountains

Just a short drive from Blue Mountain Resort (you can even make the walk from the top of the gondola quite easily), is Scenic Caves Nature Adventures. And this is one of the coolest places to visit in the Blue Mountains in fall.

Scenic Caves is an adventure park that combines gorgeous walking trails, scenic suspension bridges, and playgrounds.The views from the Scenic Caves viewpoints are probably the most spectacular in the region. And this is a perfect destination for families experiencing fall in the Blue Mountains.

Explore The Apple Pie Trail

There are countless culinary adventures in the Blue Mountains, but none of them are timed quite as perfectly for experiencing Blue Mountain in the fall.

The area is surrounded by apple orchards. You can spend an entire weekend touring the surrounding area, picking apples and discovering the Apple Pie Trail. And while apple pie can be bought any time of the year, the freshest season for apples in the Blue Mountains is the fall.

The Apple Pie Trail is a culinary adventure that explores the restaurants, farms, bakeries, cideries, and distilleries that surround the Blue Mountains. Many of these places offer tasting menus and flavour experiences that are fun for the whole family.

Hike The Wild Landscape Of Metcalfe Rock

Metcalfe Rock during fall in the Blue Mountains Ontario
Metcalfe Rock during fall in the Blue Mountains Ontario

The landscape of the Blue Mountains, Ontario is wild. But few places stand out as dramatically as Metcalfe Rock. This popular spot is a haven for hikers, rock climbers, and nature enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for caves, awesome hiking trails, or more edge-of-your-seat adventure, Metcalfe Rock truly delivers. There are two outfitters that cater to those looking to experience the land a little more intimately. Free Spirit Tours and On The Rocks both offer climbing and nature adventures. But, if you’re just looking at hiking or exploring, it’s also possible to spend the day exploring without a guide.

Metcalfe Rock is just a 25-minute drive from the Blue Mountains and makes a great stop for those enjoying the Apple Pie Trail.

Visit The Grey County Waterfalls

Eugenia Waterfall in the Blue Mountains
Eugenia Waterfall in the Blue Mountains

Most people look at the most dramatic waterfalls in Ontario and lump them into either Hamilton waterfalls, or Northern Ontario waterfalls. But there are three breathtaking waterfalls near the Blue Mountains that are worth a side trip from the resort.

Eugenia Falls Conservation Area is a short 23-minute drive from the Blue Mountains and combines gorgeous canyon trails with stunning waterfall views.

Walters Falls Conservation Area is nearby to Eugenia Falls and just a 31-minute fall drive from the Blue Mountains. The old mill and rough trails make it a fun place to explore.

These Blue Mountains waterfalls tend to be packed in the summer, but during the fall season the crowds taper off and you’ll have much better access.

The Best Hotels In The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains hotels are a great place to spend your time while you’re exploring the village. They offer excellent access to the resort amenities, kitchens, bathrooms, and often great views of the hills and Blue Mountain Village. Whether you choose the amazing beds of the Westin Trillium, the family-friendly comfort of the Grand View, or one of the plethora of Blue Mountains home rentals, you’ll find awesome places to stay both on and near the resort.

If you’re looking to stay outside the resort, there are plenty of places to stay in Collingwood and the surrounding area. The Georgian Bay Hotel is a popular spot with a pool and gorgeous scenery.

If you’re planning a visit to the Blue Mountains in fall, I hope this guide helps you along the way. But if you’ve made the trip already, tell us about your experience and let us know if we missed anything. Or, tag our Instagram account with your photos. We would love to share in your travels.

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